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This page contains video tutorials that I have made dealing with a variety of digital photography and related subjects.

Using the Folder View in Photoshop Elements

The folder view in Photoshop Elements (PSE) was significantly improved in PSE 11. Using this view is one way to locate and find your images in the Organizer, especially if you physically organized your files into meaningful folders and sub-folders prior to using PSE to manage them.

The screen shots are from PSE 12, but they would be the same if you are using PSE 11.

Using the Folder View

Using the Backup and Restore Command in Photoshop Elements

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my students is how to back up their pictures using Photoshop Elements. This is probably one of the most important topics we all need to address in one way or another. Generally we have very little warning when a disk crashes or our computer becomes infected with a virus. Although this this video was recorded using Photoshop Elements 6, it is still applicable for that latest version of Elements, PSE 12. The command and screens are virtually the same as in later versions of Elements.

Backup Command in PSE

This next video is basically a continuation of the one above, and covers the Restore command.

PSE Restore Command

What to do If the Organizer’s Menu Bar Disappears

To begin with, this problem only affects older versions of Elements prior to PSE 9. This is a situation that may be present as soon as you install Photoshop Elements and run it for the first time, or it may mysteriously disappear at some point. All versions of Photoshop Elements require the screen resolution to be set 1024×768 or higher. In addition, the Windows font DPI setting must be set at 100% or 96 DPI. If the DPI is set at a larger size, for example 120 DPI, Elements does not have enough room to display the characters on the Menu Bar.

What has happened is that at some point you or another program has changed the font size to make the printing on the screen larger and easier to read. This video shows how you can easily reset the DPI setting back to its default. The video uses Vista, but the steps are the same in Windows 7.

Personalize Desktop

Changing Windows Screen DPI Setting

 Photoshop Elements – Redeye Removal

This video covers using the Red Eye Removal tool when it is accessed from the Quick Photo Fix (Quick Fix) workspace. However, its use is identical when used in the Full Editor. If you left click on the link, it may take several seconds for the video to open. Also, there are no play/pause buttons, so you are stuck to watch the whole thing. Smile

Don’t worry, it’s not that long. If the video doesn’t open after many seconds, try right-clicking on it and download it to your desktop and view it from there.


Red Eye Video Screen Capture

Red Eye Removal Tool


Photoshop Elements Group Shot

Here is a video demonstration shows how Photoshop Elements’ Group Shot tool can help you salvage group photos where it was hard to get everyone to take a good picture at the same time.


Group Shot Video Title Capture

Photoshop Elements Group Shot


Photoshop Elements Recompose Tool

One of the more interesting new features introduced in the PSE 8 Editor was the Recompose Tool. Basically this  tool allows you to crop from the center of an image. Or in other words, remove the space or objects between two people/objects of your photo.

Recompose Video Title

The Recompose Tool

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