I spend a lot of time reading magazines and books, watching online video, and following digital photography and video blogs, and participating in forums that discuss all aspects of digital photography and  related subjects. They often provide me the ideas for the exercises I include in my classes, as well as ideas and techniques I use myself.

I will use this page to provide links to some sites that I find especially helpful. Keep in mind I am not affiliated in anyway with these sites, I just find their content quite useful. Hopefully you will also find these sites helpful, thus saving you from having to discover them on your own.

Camera Reviews etc

The following two sites provide very thorough and well organized reviews of the most popular cameras. They certainly are among the best places to do your research before buying a new camera. But beyond that, after I have already bought my camera, I will go back and study/print the entire review. The reviews at both sites are so well done I can learn many things on how to use the camera. Both sites also include other topics that can be helpful as you explore digital photography.

Steve’s Dig-cams

DP Review

Photo and Video Sharing

This site actually is much more than a basic photo sharing site. It covers a wide range of topics related to digital photography and other similar topics. However, I use it to submit some of my best pictures in hopes of getting them selected for display.

The owners of the site select Photos of the Day (POTD) in several categories every single day. Once you register, you can submit pictures that you have taken during the last three months to be considered for POTD. Here are links:

Home Page:

Photo of the Day Page:

My POTD Selections: Enter “Don Stouder” for photographer.


This site is hosted by Adobe, and can actually be linked to your Catalog in the Photoshop Elements Organizer. This allows you to upload your Albums directly to the site. You can also sync your Albums to the site as a way to back up your photos. You do not have to be a Photoshop Elements user to make use of the site. Anyone can register for 2 Gb of free space. More is available for a fee.

I personally do not use the site to sync to my Organizer Albums, primarily because my Catalog is so large. But I have used it to share online pictures and albums with friends. You can also upload video files for sharing.

I often find this site to provide higher quality playback of my videos, but it is not as well known as YouTube. It has forums and other features as well. It is free to post videos, but you are limited to about 500 Mb per week for uploading.


Adobe sponsors several forums to support their various product lines. Forums are an excellent choice to find answers to specific questions. Two of them that I have found very helpful are shown below. The first link is to the Photoshop Elements (PSE) Forum and the second is to the Premiere Elements (PRE) Forum.

Another active and useful forum is Elements Village. Here is its link.

User Groups

I belong to the following user groups. The first one, NAPP, is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Don’t let the title fool you, it is for anyone that is interested in learning how to use the professional version of Photoshop CS5. It does cost about $100 per year, but the benefits membership provides are well worth the cost.

The South Bay Camera Club meets twice a month at the Torrance Airport. The club has been in existence for many years. Membership includes a variety of both amateur and professional photographers. They routinely hold several field trips each year.

The Adobe Technical Exchange (ATX) meets once month. It is sanctioned by Adobe but routinely invites speakers from a variety of companies, including published authors. Both amateur and professional photographers make up its membership.


South Bay Camera Club

Adobe Technology Exchange (ATX)

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