Business Agreement Sample Bangla

Shareholders have equal rights in the management of the partnership company and each partner must devote appropriate time to management. The adequacy of the time spent by the partners must be agreed between the partners. A partner of the company is not allowed to manage activities similar to those of this company. When it is established that a partner is operating a similar transaction, this is a violation of that agreement. In any case, the management is ensured by mutual agreement between the two partners. In the event of a dispute on this subject, the partners will resolve them by mutual agreement, either with the others or in the presence of a common 3rd party mediator. Total capital: BDT 3,00,000 (Bangladesh Taka; Only three Lac) If partners decide to add more capital to the partner company, both partners can contribute to the capital. The capital made available by each partner is always maintained in a proportion in which the partners share the profits and losses of the partnership. No partner should withdraw part of its capital without the mutual agreement of the partners. 6.

The profits and losses of the net profit of the partnership shall be shared equally between the partners and the net losses should be shared equally by them. All debts of the company must be borne, reduced and managed by both parties. 7. Salaries and deductions No partner receives a salary for the services provided for the partnership. Each partner may withdraw the agreed amount from time to time. No interest is paid on the initial deposit in the partnership or on subsequent capital contributions. 9. Responsibility for partnership restrictions Partners should have equal rights in the management of a partner company and each partner should have sufficient time for its activities. The adequacy of the time allocated by the partners must be agreed between the partners. Without the agreement of the other partner, no partner is able to borrow or lend money on behalf of the partnership; Or to provide or accept commercial paper; Or to execute a mortgage, hedging contract, loan or lease; Or a purchase or a contract of sale. or sell or enter into a contract to sell real estate or partnership that is not the type of property bought and sold during regular activity. 10.

Bank All partnership funds are deposited into a bank account in the name of the company. All withdrawals from this account must be made on cheques signed by both partners. 11. Books of Books of Partnership Books should be kept at the Partnership Centre and every partner should always have access to it. The accounts must be kept on a year-by-year basis and closed and cleared at the end of each financial year. From the deadline, books and all accounts are audited. 12. The transfer of shares in the event of the death or physical disability of a member, on the part or of a right of deceased or disabled partners shall be transferred to their legal representatives or legal heirs, in accordance with the provisions of the general laws of Bangladesh. .

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