Agreement In Principle Hsbc Uk

Our mortgage application trip offers a decision in principle that allows our clients to make a clear, reliable and immediate indicative credit decision based on the information provided and the corresponding credit checks. Please do not indicate income from zero-hour contracts in the application, unless it is the second salary employed in any of these professions. HSBC no longer needs an offer document signed and returned by our customer when a conveyor is used. An “offer without signature” is sent and is deemed accepted if we receive the certificate of ownership. For the duration of the mortgage trip, we will keep you informed of updates via SMS and email. Here`s a brief overview of the main steps: we currently can`t take bonuses, overtime or commissions into account unless you`re an NHS employee, in which case we`re using overtime at pre-March 2020 level. Please complete this section of the application only if you are an NHS staff member. Step 1 – Put your supporting documents at our disposal. Consult the necessary supporting documents and make an appointment with a mortgage advisor. It can be difficult to get a mortgage if you are not a resident of the UK and receive your salary in a foreign currency or if you don`t have a UK credit history. At HSBC Expat, we understand your needs and can help you find a mortgage. We will provide the mortgage offer to the client securely and electronically. The customer receives a text message with a password that allows him to open and display his mortgage offer sent directly to his email address.

A copy of the offer will be available on the web portal and an electronic copy will be sent to the promoter. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing more calls than usual, which can lengthen our wait times. . While the majority of requests are accepted, we always specify why if your client`s request is rejected. To support you, we`ve significantly expanded our evaluation criteria for managed desktops. This means that we will be able to advance most applications without delay. You can continue to apply. We use the exit income and you should do so in the application.

The request for a policy decision can be made by telephone, in the branch or online. If an evaluation report is required, we will settle the results of the evaluation with our credit policy. Subject to meeting our lending criteria, we will continue with the mortgage offer. On the advice of the government, all physical assessments are currently suspended. This means that at present we cannot accept any credit application for more than 90% of the value of the property. All applications for new real estate will be frozen pending a physical assessment. Yes, we still accept most applications. However, there are certain types of mortgages that we cannot continue at this time.

You are asked to provide relevant documents to support your application. . If your deposit is less than 20%, please call us to apply on 0800 169 6333†. Once you have submitted your supporting documents for your application, the following steps are as follows: Find out how to benefit from our international mortgage and credit products when you open an HSBC expatriate bank account. Instead of visiting a store during the coronavirus outbreak, you can get a policy decision online or call us for help. After receiving your decision in principle, you can opt for mortgage advice or, if you already know the mortgage you want to apply for, you can complete your application online, but you will not have any advice. Please answer yes to the question “Are you likely to change jobs or reduce your income?” To protect our customers during the outbreak of the coronavirus, and on the advice of the UK government, all physical assessments are suspended until further notice. . .