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Winter 2017 Schedule

The only class I will be teaching anywhere this Winter is the “Using Your iDevice(iPad/iPhone) for Photography” class described below. To find out more and to register for the class see the Torrance Adult School website.

This class may fill up quickly, so register early.  Handouts will be available online from password protected pages attached to my blog. You will be given the password and any handouts needed for the first day of class at the first session. Also, note this class starts on January 12, 2017.

Basic Photo Editing Using Photoshop CC on Your Laptop

Do you take lots of pictures with your iPad, your iPhone or your digital camera? This class will help you to discover just how useful and fun it is to use your iPad to enhance your overall photographic enjoyment. During class you will learn how to take even better pictures using third party iPad Apps that make the most of its installed camera. Even if your iPad does not include a camera, there are plenty of ways to use it to better enjoy your photography. You will learn how to use your iPad to back-up your photos while you are travelling, for example. You will learn how to rate and tag your images and ultimately upload them to your computer, again using third party Apps not delivered with your iPad. There are Apps that can be used to enhance your photos. During the class you will also be introduced to iMovie which you can use to create video projects using both video clips and still images. This is a hands-on course, so bring your iPad.

Even if you do not own an iPad but have an iPhone, you will find most of the topics directly applicable and useful.

Thursdays, 12:30-2:30 pm, beginning January 12, 2017

For Registration information for these and other Torrance Adult Education Classes Click Here.

53 Responses to Torrance Digital Photo Classes

  1. peter bernstein says:

    need adv. edit class in evening

  2. Don says:

    Hi Peter,

    Good to hear from you again. For Torrance, 5:30 pm is the normal start time for my evening classes. I hope you schedule allows you to attend.

    By the way, did you notice the photo on my Welcome screen?

  3. Denny says:

    I see that the advanced editing is offered on Wedensday again. That leaves me out again.

    • don26812 says:

      I know, Denny. I have no control over that, other than to suggest another night/day, which I did. In defense of Torrance, there are a lot of balls they have to juggle when they make out the schedule. This term, there were even more variables with some of the classes moving to Levy.

  4. Elizabeth Bartlett says:

    Please give a class in Photoshop CS5 during the day. I love your classes, but I find nights or I should say evening classes impossible.

  5. Doris says:

    Would the camera raw be the same for photoshop CS5?

    • don26812 says:

      Hi Doris,

      We will be using the Adobe Camera RAW editor that is in both Photoshop CS5 and PSE. However, like many Photoshop commands implemented in Elements, there are some expanded capabilities in the Photoshop version.

  6. Larry Bouchez says:

    Is the Advanced Digital Photo Editing Workshop you will be teaching at Torrance a follow on to the PSE class I just took with you at Edison?

    Is Griffith a location for Torrance Classes? If so, where is it?

    Thanks, Larry

  7. Carrie says:

    Will the photoshop elements basic class be useful for photoshop elements 9?

    • don26812 says:

      Yes Carrie. The user interface or the way the program works when you’re editing a photo has changed little since Photoshop Elements 6. That does not mean that new features and commands have not been added with each version since then. However, as I’m teaching the class, I will point out any differences in PSE 9 relative to the version we are using in class. Torrance uses PSE 7.

  8. Carrie says:

    thanks for your reply Don, however, I have another question. I have been using Photoshop Elements 4 and have just bought 9. Will the data from 4 be picked up by the version 9? I am going to call Torrance Adult school to see if there is still space in the elements basic class on Tues afternoon.
    Thanks again.

  9. don26812 says:

    I assume you are using the Wondows version of PSE 4. If that is right, after you install PSE 9 (or during the installation) it should find your catalog that you are using for PSE 4 and automatically convert it. It may ask you if you want to do that. I can’t remember.

    At any rate, in PSE 9 should see your catalog just as it was in PSE 4. Keep PSE 4 installed (they can co-exist) until you are comfortable that all of your pictures and tags were converted properly.

  10. Richard Saunders says:

    We took your classs with PSE4 years ago. Is it necessary to get PSE 9 or 10 before taking you Wed class on Organizing. We do not use our Elements much and are not very good with it. Would the Organizing class be a good choice? Thanks

    • don26812 says:

      My normal answer to similar questions is when you are using a version that is as old as PSE 4 is now, it is probably time to upgrade. There have been a lot of improvements over the years with new features being added.

      That being said, since you have not been using PSE much there is a lot you can learn from taking the class. The fundamental organizing capabilities and they way you use them are the same in PSE 10 as they are in PSE 4. The biggest change you will see is the background is a dark gray. Certain buttons have moved around on the screen a bit. But, fundamentally it is the same program, especially as you learn/review the basics as is the focus of the course.

      Finally, depending upon which school you choose, you will being using PSE 7 or PSE 8. That will give you a better idea what to expect with PSE 10. I would like to think that after taking the course, you would see the benefit of upgrading to PSE 10. But you might very well decide that PSE 4 meets your needs, and with the course you have gained a much better understandng how to use the version you now have.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

  11. Al DeVinaspre says:

    Don, I got the call that your Advanced Digital Photo Editing Workshop has been canceled. I’ll keep watching for it next fall. Thanks for all of the information so far. Keep me on your email list!
    Al DeVinaspre

    • don26812 says:

      Yes, it was one of my classes that was cancelled. It seems most of my classes are/will be cancelled due to low enollment. It seems I need to regroup and figure just what people may want to learn about.

      For example, today I watched part of a a two-day webinar called iPhoneography. Using, enhancing, and sharing pictures fro iPhones is absolutely taking off in popularity.

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  14. sam yoon says:

    I like enroll your Digital Video and Photo Projects class.
    please send me your online enroll form.
    sam yoon

    • don26812 says:

      Sam, the best way to enroll in a class is to go to the school’s website, or enroll at their office. The links to each school’s website are shown on my website. If you are still having problems, email and I’ll try to help you further.

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  16. Gerry Donatz says:

    Don, Currently have PSE8, thinking of getting 10. Is PSE11 coming out? What is the revision TUSD is using or thinking of going to? Thanks for UR input. Gerry

    • don26812 says:

      Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for commenting. For the past several years or basically for aas long as I can remember, Adobe has announced a new version of PSE in the fall. I see no reason why it would change now. Yes, you are three versions back. Generally speaking, I think it is a good time to upgrade. Last fall, I published an article in my blog this last fall, where I have a table comparing recent versions of Elements. That may help you.

      Regarding Torrance, the earlist I see them them upgrading Photoshop Elements is for the Winter 2013 term.

      I have been getting around this in the classes I teach for PV NET, by opening the courses and strongly encouraging students to bring in their own laptop. I bring in my laptop and use PSE 10 during class.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

  17. Gerry Donatz says:

    Sent ypu an Email to UR address. Looking forward to your reply. Gerry

    • Don says:

      I got it Gerry. I will reply via email, probably tomorrow. The electricity is going out in a few minutes for the remainder of the day.

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  20. Neil Robin says:

    I had to create a new username to register and I accidentally wrote an incorrect e-address, so after registering for yer iPad101 Monday 1230pm class they emailed the receipt to an address I will not. get the receipt at & have debited my card, so cou u plz chk to see if I am actually registered in the correct class

  21. Rab says:

    I am a beginner photographer. I want to take classes from you but I don’t know where can I register please help. I want to know more about manual photography in Raw format plus editing software like Lightroom.

    • don26812 says:

      Hi Rab,

      I believe you commented on the webpage that describes the class that you would like. The class is the one called Photoshop CS5 and Camera RAW. It’s the class that starts on Thursday, September 12th at 6:00 pm. Looking a bit further down below its description, you will see a link to where you can register for the class, as well as others I teach at Torrance. Unfortunately, I do not teach a class on Lightroom at this time.

      Thank you for asking, Don

  22. Linda Cobarrubias says:

    I tried sending you an email but it was kicked back twice. Here is the note I sent:

    Hi Don – well I’m going to try and take another class. I seem to be travelling so much this year which has been great but with that and with living in the desert four or five days a week, makes it hard to attend.
    Last session I got one whole class in.

    I signed up for the South Bay class which is 5 classes. Even if I only get a couple of the five classes in, it is well worth it. Your classes are great! See you soon

  23. Neil Robin says:

    u need set responses up so that most current are at the beginning rather than at the end!

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  28. Neil says:

    tryin ta decide if I need brushing up or wou benefit from review of Photoshop (I still use photoshop 7.0, which is about a decade old). I would go anywhere near elements anymore (way too primitive and difficult) sure wish you’d teach the smudge tool, not jus for me, but cuz it’s so useful for so many situations

    • neil says:

      oops,I meant I would NOT use elements . . … . . and photoshop 7.0 is at least 1 & 1/3 decades old, and thus doesn’t have the added confusion of bridge

    • neil says:

      oops,I meant I would NOT use elements . . … . . and photoshop 7 is at least 13 years old, and thus doesn’t have the added confusion of bridge

  29. Neil says:

    from what I recall, iPad photography finished high on that survey you posted apx a year ago, yet you haven’t offered to teach it yet

    • don26812 says:

      I have been teaching iPad/iPhone classes at Torrance and work in a significant amount of photography related topics.

      • neil says:

        you may recall that I took that class two years ago when I purchased my iPad. I may re-take it, but not for at least a year. meantime, I keep informed by attending apple workshops at the apple store in Manhattan beach appx bi-monthly

      • neil says:

        actually I do not remember iPad 101 class I took containing any photography; what I do remember is that repeating any of your classes is reviewing the same material over & over again with not enough new / different material

        • don26812 says:

          You are right, Neil. The same class will repeat the same material, adjust for new features, operating systems etc. If the interest were high enough for a given class, there would be a Part 2 or Advanced class on the topic.

          Actually, when you took the iPad class it was only for iPads. During the term or one close to it, I offered an iPad for Photography class. It had low enrollment, so I have since combined some of its topic with the standard iPad class. However, during the first meeting I determine the interest in using the iPad for photography vs just learning more about how to use the iPad, and then adjust the topics accordingly. Also, the last few offerings address both iPads and iPhones.

          • neil says:

            adult school is unlike a college where there is an influx of new students learnng in order to get a degree; there is not much turnover in potential students of subjects you teach. perhaps if you change the curriculum and let your mailing list know, there may then be a lesser chance of cancelled classes due to insufficient enrollment . . . . .. . .

          • don26812 says:

            Been there, done that. It is like a funnel – fewer people wanting the Part 2 version of classes. Thus market is smaller.

          • neil says:

            not sure what you are sayin ” . . . funnel . . . . part 2″ I am not suggesting a part 2, but rather revised curriculum, part 2 implies you sh take part 1, so yes, that wou b funnel-like. I am suggesting same course name, same teachings of most elementary principles, but revised teaching of remainder of subject matter, which you inform your mailing list of

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