Bectu Agreement 2019

Here are the price cards for hair and makeup from June 2019 in TV dramas and movies. The price card for hair and makeup workers who support the fashion industry (writing, lookbooks, movies, photography, promotion, etc.) is also below. These are the recommended salary rates for freelancers in suits and wardrobes. The latest installments, released in March 2019, are based on information gathered by members at all levels of the film industry. Prices are shown for all levels of the class, from the costume designer to the costumed AP – and are divided into film budget strips. He is also advised on basic and “roll-up” rates with respect to vacation pay. Bectu recommends that the liberal professions accept nothing less than the figures cited. An updated TV card is being developed. The UK Theatre Board is looking into the matter, but it is highly unlikely that an agreement will be reached with BECTU. .