Artist Management Agreements

Who is responsible for paying expenses? One scenario is that the manager can pay the expenses and be reimbursed by the artist, either when the manager requests reimbursement or only when enough money is generated by the artist. For this reason, it is important that both parties are on the same side on the role of the manager. They should also have an agreement on their collective expectations and goals. Although an oral agreement is sufficient, it is always recommended to have a draft management contract in writing to avoid conflicts in the future. Management contracts influence artists` careers for many years after they expire, as managers receive commissions even after they cease to manage the artist. This commission can be paid up to three years after the end of the contract. If the artist appoints another manager after the end of the existing management relationship, it may mean that two batches of management commission are paid at the same time. Because if you don`t believe in what the artist is doing, how can you manage it effectively? Good chemistry is also important, which is why it`s best to know more about the person before signing a formal agreement that will formalize your relationship. A written agreement between the artist and the manager should describe the details of the relationship in order to ensure that the artist and the manager are on the same side, which helps to avoid conflicts in the future. 2. Gross receipts against net receipts: “gross receipts”, in general, all receipts generated or credited by the artist through entertainment-related activities – films, films, televisions, songs, shows, performances and even advertisements.

“Net revenue” refers to the “profits” made by the artist – in fact, “gross receipts” minus expenses incurred. Understand what`s in each category and how different they are. Artist management contracts are used by an artist director or other authorized representative who intends to manage or support an artist`s career. Some of the artist management contracts in this section are used by a manager to enter into contracts with third parties to promote the artist`s career. Our contracts as a performance and recording manager are written by an experienced entertainment lawyer to ensure relevance, accuracy and the greatest possible trust for our clients. To learn more about performance management and recording contracts, as well as the business of managing artists, check out our blog.