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Apprenticeship contracts are established by students in MOnA online services (My Online Account). Once the conditions between the student and the teacher responsible have been established, the apprenticeship contract is signed by both parties and submitted to the Biology Students` Office, Klingelbergstrasse 50/70. The Biology Education Committee then approves the agreement, which becomes binding on all parties involved. Contract services outside of services provided to an institution under a formal financial agreement. A copyright transfer contract comes into effect when a manuscript is accepted for publication in English. If, for some reason, your article is rejected by a magazine editor, the agreement loses its strength. The decision to accept a manuscript to be published is the exclusive right of the editor of the journal concerned. By signing the contract, the authors guarantee that they have become familiar and that they agree with their terms. In order to facilitate the interaction between the author and the publisher, please file copyright transfer agreements (in Russian or English) with the manuscript at the magazine`s editorial. The copyright transfer contract can be sent as a digital copy of the original (which is preferable) or as a paper copy. The copyright transfer contract should be signed with MS Word or by hand and signed by all authors (co-authors and copyright holders).

All questions about copyright transfer contracts can be emailed to You can use our web return form or contact the editor. Magazine editors do not accept manuscripts without copyright transfer contracts. Seed plants are vascular plants. They differ from other vascular plants in the production of seeds that germinate in a new one. If the PDF is not shown below, you can also download it here. The human respiratory system is an effective system of inspiring and elusive respiratory gases. This tutorial offers .. Sperm cryoconservation: is there a significant risk of cross-contamination? Pre-levy was made until 22.10.19 (volume 46 edition 5 years 2019) Biceps borrowed muscle can help boost Failing Hearts Learning contracts to regulate the terms of credit point collection outside of regular course offers. They define the allocation of credits to students in the context of exceptional forms of education (for example.

B in literary works and independent research, in the university, in tutorial activities or in active participation in a conference with poster or lecture). Space geo-information sharpens population density maps This tutorial presents fluid aquatic communities that bring new factors and dithering into the equation for possible. Home “Laboratory Safety Information” Student Biology Labor Safety Agreement Transplanted Skeletal Muscle Mimics Heart Muscle; Help failing Heart Pump, Duke Researchers Say University of Utah To Help Build Realistic Bionic Arm.

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